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"It's definitely a life changer"

Oct 2, 2010 @ 06:30 PM — by Maria Oettinger
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drholzman.comNothing is better than being able to let someone know that their wish has
come true. They have been deemed a
candidate for Laser Vision Correction...

"Just hanging out, listening to music and having LASIK" in Wash DC with Dr Holzman"

Oct 2, 2010 @ 06:21 PM — by Andrew Holzman
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drholzman.com I never imagined it was possible to see the world with the sharpness and clarity that I now do... amazing!  

Detecting Non Candidates for LASIK in Wash DC, Northern Va, Maryland

Oct 2, 2010 @ 03:41 PM — by Andrew Holzman
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"Detection of non candidates for vision correction has made huge strides over the last decade....."

Hunting for a great LASIK surgeon???

Oct 1, 2010 @ 02:17 PM — by unknown
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