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November 2010 Blog Posts

About 12 or 13 years of contacts and glasses definitely habituates itself though, I'm STILL not used to being able to just go to sleep...

Kristina Oneill Nov 30, 2010

Patients often ask for testimonials from other patients, so by telling your story you are helping another person make the important decision

Kristina Oneill Nov 30, 2010

 Today is the day before Thanksgiving and we had 24 patients come in to see if they are candidates for laser vision correction...

Kristina Oneill Nov 24, 2010

 Dr. Andrew Holzman is the new Medical Director for the Charlottesville, Virgina TLC location...

Kristina Oneill Nov 18, 2010

"What is the surgery like? What can i expect? "   These are some very frequent questions.....

Andrew Holzman Nov 14, 2010

 They seriously were bothering me for a good 6 months and when it was time for me to renew the prescription I just couldn't do…

Kristina Oneill Nov 03, 2010

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Dr. Holzman is the best - very honest, very professional yet very friendly and personable. Ben E.

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