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 My vision is 20/15....

Kristina Oneill May 28, 2012

How long do I need to stay out of hard contacts before LASIK?

Andrew Holzman May 24, 2012

Question:   What is typical recovery after LASIK?  How much time do I need to take off of work?

Andrew Holzman May 21, 2012

Do you have a question for Dr. Holzman?  E-mail us your questions now and then look for your answers in a future post!    …

Kristina Oneill May 21, 2012

This morning in Great Falls, Virginia the Joe Cassella Foundation raised thousands of dollars for a young girl with liver cancer.

Andrew Holzman May 20, 2012

Antibiotic, steroid, and lubricating eye drops greatly reduces my Virginia LASIK patients' risk of developing complications after surgery.

Andrew Holzman May 20, 2012

For patients in Washington DC, monovision LASIK may be used in the treatment and correction of presbyopia.

Andrew Holzman May 19, 2012

For patients in Washington DC contact lenses can be an effective treatment in the correction of vision flaws, as well as LASIK and PRK.

Andrew Holzman May 14, 2012

In this blog post, I review the history of LASIK and the FDA for our Virginia LASIK patients.

Andrew Holzman May 09, 2012

I had 20/20 vision by my check up the next morning with Dr. Larson and I am now at 20/15!

Kristina Oneill May 07, 2012

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