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Thanks to John Schaller for posting hisLASIK story...

Andrew Holzman Oct 03, 2010

drholzman.comNothing is better than being able to let someone know that their wish has come true. They have been deemed a candidate for Laser Vision Correction...

Maria Oettinger Oct 02, 2010

drholzman.com I never imagined it was possible to see the world with the sharpness and clarity that I now do... amazing!  

Andrew Holzman Oct 02, 2010

"Detection of non candidates for vision correction has made huge strides over the last decade....."

Andrew Holzman Oct 02, 2010


Oct 01, 2010

Reading this post can possibly get your a Free Procedure.

Jennifer Phung Sep 30, 2010

drholzman.comFrom Texas to Northern VA/DC for Best LASIK Surgery Outcomes

Sep 29, 2010

 Why is your price different than the price of other LASIK centers in the area?....

Kristina Oneill Sep 23, 2010

Important information concerning the preop prep that patients need to do for LASIK laser eye surgery...

Andrew Holzman Sep 16, 2010

I'm still stunned every time I wake up and can see and at night I sometimes think I need to take out my contacts.  

Kristina Oneill Sep 14, 2010

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