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Lasik Blog Posts

Find out whether patients with rheumatoid arthritis can safely undergo LASIK surgery and, if so, what the criteria for candidacy are.

Andrew Holzman May 11, 2017

LASIK surgery can correct refractive errors, but can it improve your depth perception? Let's explore this laser vision correction issue.

Andrew Holzman Apr 11, 2017

Dr. Andrew E. Holzman can perform LASIK on swimmers, but cautions them about returning to the pool too soon after surgery to avoid irritation and…

Andrew Holzman Jan 13, 2017

Many patients ask us if 20/20 vision is common after LASIK surgery. Let's look at the effectiveness of this laser vision correction procedure.

Andrew Holzman Nov 12, 2016

To find out if you will likely need reading glasses after LASIK, contact our Washington, DC practice to schedule a LASIK evaluation.

Andrew Holzman Oct 12, 2016

Can LASIK reduce headaches? The short answer is, it depends. For certain types of headaches, LASIK can potentially provide some relief.

Andrew Holzman Sep 13, 2016

LASIK and Cigarette Smoke

Andrew Holzman Aug 11, 2016

Back in March we mentioned that Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos underwent LASIK at our practice. The surgery was a success and gave him exceptional…

Andrew Holzman Jun 28, 2016

KAMRA™ corneal inlays can treat presbyopia without corrective lenses. Let's see how LASIK might affect the results.

Andrew Holzman May 12, 2016

Wilson Ramos, starting catcher for the Washington Nationals, underwent LASIK surgery with Dr. Andrew E. Holzman.

Andrew Holzman Mar 14, 2016

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