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While LASIK is liberating, it can’t protect you from some other common vision problems. Many eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopthy don’t…

Jim Smeriglio Jul 09, 2012


Q and A with Dr Holzman -   "My husband had surgery 9 years ago with PRK surgery and now wants an adjustment for reading.…

Andrew Holzman Jul 07, 2012

Each day it continues to get a little better!

Kristina Oneill Jul 03, 2012

People come into our Tyson's Corner, Virginia and Rockville, Maryland offices all of the time to research the LASiK and PRK procedure.

Kristina Oneill Jun 27, 2012

 bQ and A with Dr Holzman :   question about LASIK recovery-- "Is it ok to exercise after LASIK"?

Andrew Holzman Jun 24, 2012

Question: I am 63 years old, is that too old for LASIK or PRK?

Andrew Holzman Jun 24, 2012

Thank you for telling me what you were doing and what to expect next.

Kristina Oneill Jun 17, 2012


PRK has given me a new sense of freedom and confidence to conduct activities without the fear of my glasses breaking, and leaving me helpless.


Kristina Oneill Jun 15, 2012

 My favorite line, “What other questions do you have?” as I had no idea doctors or their staff had time for that any more.

Kristina Oneill Jun 14, 2012

At TLC Laser Eye Centers in and near Virginia, LASIK helps athletes, both professional and amateur, say goodbye to their glasses and contact lenses.

Andrew Holzman Jun 13, 2012

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Dr. Holzman is the best - very honest, very professional yet very friendly and personable. Ben E.

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