Dr. Andrew Holzman and continuing education on corneal inlays for Presbyopia

Dr. Jen Weigel, OD is our Tyson’s Corner Virginia TLC laser vision center Clinical Director.  Like Dr. Holzman, Dr. Weigel takes great pride in what she does and she leads our team in staying on top of the latest news in refractive surgery.  Dr. Weigel serves on the Virginia Optometric Association Board of Trustees.  She recently wrote about Dr. Holzman’s continuing education course and some exciting news for patients with Presbyopia.  Dr. Weigel writes:

“Coinciding with the recent FDA panel review of the KAMRA corneal inlay, Dr. Holzman presented a lecture on inlays at the Tysons Corner Center on Monday, June 16.  The KAMRA corneal inlay uses a small aperture device to increase one’s depth of field.

When the inlay is implanted into the non-dominant eye, it gives the patient an increased depth of field at near to allow increased reading ease WITHOUT changes in the distance vision.  This is unique as all the other forms of presbyopia correction such as multifocal IOLs, monovision, and multifocal LASIK, you can get near without taking away from your distance vision.

KAMRA is the primary inlay available, and it is the furthest along in the FDA approval process.  The FDA panel that met in June has not yet approved the KAMRA for use in the USA.”

You can be confident that Dr. Holzman and Dr. Weigel will keep us all posted when the KAMRA corneal inlay procedure is available in the DC Metro area.

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