\Washington, DC – Dr. Andrew Holzman is proud to announce that his practice offers KAMRA™ inlay surgery. His Rockville TLC Laser Eye Center locationis now equipped to provide this game-changing treatment to patients who suffer from presbyopia, and the office’s first KAMRA procedures were performed in early April 2016. Now that Dr. Holzman is performing the KAMRA inlay treatment at his TLC Rockville, MD office, patients from the DC metro area have convenient access to the procedure.

Presbyopia is a type of vision impairment that occurs as part of the natural aging process. Many people begin to experience presbyopia in middle age, necessitating the use of corrective lenses. Thanks to the KAMRA™ inlay, patients can achieve clear near-vision without the need for reading glasses.

Dr. Holzman Is the Only Surgeon in the DC Metro Area to Offer KAMRA™ Inlays

Throughout his career, Dr. Holzman has remained at the forefront of advanced eye care. The KAMRA™ inlay is a great step forward in the treatment of presbyopia because the procedure can improve vision without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Holzman is the first ophthalmologist in the Washington, DC area to offer KAMRA™ inlay surgery. His Rockville, MD office has the proud distinction of being the first TLC Laser site to perform this life-changing procedure.

About the KAMRA™ Inlay

The KAMRA™ inlay is a miniature ring with a pinhole located in the center. The KAMRA™ inlay is placed in the patient’s non-dominant eye during a 20-minute procedure. With just a single KAMRA™ inlay, presbyopia is treated, allowing patients to see nearby and distant objects without the need for glasses or contacts.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the KAMRA™ inlay in April of 2015. To date, there have been more than 15,000 KAMRA™ inlay procedures performed worldwide.

How the KAMRA™ Inlay Works

KAMRA™ inlays work on a similar principle as monovision laser eye surgery, which corrects one eye for near vision and the other for distance vision. When patients have both of their eyes open, they can see near and far objects without glasses.

Unlike monovision surgery, however, the KAMRA™ inlay will not disturb the patient’s distance vision. What’s more, the KAMRA™ inlay is removable and reversible if a patient is not satisfied with the results that are achieved.

The Results of KAMRA™ Inlay Treatment

Patients who receive KAMRA™ inlays report high levels of satisfaction because they are able to read without the aid of corrective lenses. Very fine print may require some magnification to see clearly.

About Dr. Andrew Holzman

Dr. Andrew Holzman is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Corneal Specialist with extensive experience in cataract removal, corneal transplant surgery, and laser vision correction. Dr. Holzman is Regional Medical Director of five TLC Laser Eye Center locations and also serves as a member of the select National Clinical Advisory Board of TLC Laser Eye Centers. He is a visiting Associate Professor of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Virginia (UVA) and Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Dr. Holzman has performed more than 65,000 vision correction procedures and is the choice physician for over 200 referring eye doctors in the DC Metro area and beyond.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Andrew Holzman

To learn more about the KAMRA™ inlay, as well as other advanced vision correction options, contact Dr. Holzman’s DC Metro-area TLC Laser Eye Centers. His individual offices can be reached directly by using the contact information provided below.

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