Dr. Andrew Holzman Comments on Latest Findings on New Science of LASIK

Points To Previously Overlooked First Step in LASIK Procedure As Critical To Visual Outcomes

McLean, VA (April 21, 2005) - A previously overlooked aspect of the LASIK procedure, the creation of the corneal flap, may significantly affect the visual outcome of the procedure, according to Dr. Andrew Holzman of Millennium Laser Eye Centers. New science reveals that the IntraLase® FS laser, originally designed to create a safer flap, actually provides for better vision.

"Results have been better than we had ever expected. Our patients appreciate the added safety of a bladeless procedure as well as the outstanding vision," Dr. Holzman notes.

There are two steps in the LASIK procedure. First, the surgeon creates a micro-thin corneal flap, which is then lifted to expose the inner cornea for the second step, vision treatment by an excimer laser. Historically, the first step of LASIK was performed using a hand-held device with an oscillating metal razor blade, called a microkeratome. While LASIK has proven to be a successful and relatively safe procedure, it is the microkeratome that caused the majority of LASIK complications.

In addition to a safer procedure, IntraLase-initiated LASIK is now clinically proven to provide better vision. Data show:

  • The IntraLase laser helps Custom LASIK deliver on its promise of better visual outcomes beyond 20/20 to 20/15 and 20/12.5.
  • A greater number of standard-LASIK patients also achieve visual results better than 20/20 with IntraLase-initiated LASIK.
  • Prospective, randomized evaluation of wavefront aberrations determined that IntraLase creates fewer higher- and lower-order aberrations, which are frequently associated with night glare and halos.
  • The intentional planar architecture of the IntraLase flap and corneal bed, created with micron-level precision, significantly reduces the incidence of post-operative induced astigmatism - a complication that occurs with some frequency with the microkeratome.
  • Patients who stated a preference in prospective, randomized clinical trials chose the post-operative vision of their IntraLase-treated eye up to 3-to-1 over their blade-treated eye.

With the IntraLase laser, the surgeon can precisely control the critical first step of LASIK. Physician-programmed laser specifications include flap diameter, depth, hinge location and width, and side-cut architecture - factors which can be varied to meet the individual patient's needs. The IntraLase laser also creates a distinctive beveled edge flap, which allows for precise repositioning, alignment and seating after LASIK is completed.

How the IntraLase Laser Works

Pulsing at a speed of one-quadrillionth of a second, the ultra-fast IntraLase FS femtosecond (fem-t_-second) laser uses an infrared beam of light to prepare the intracorneal bed and create the flap, using an "inside-out" process to complete the first step of LASIK.

  • The beam of laser light is focused to a precise point within the cornea where a string of microscopic bubbles is formed.
  • Thousands of these tiny bubbles are precisely positioned to define the architecture of the intracorneal surface, as well as the distinct beveled edge of the resulting flap.
  • Bubbles are then stacked along the edge up to the corneal surface to complete step one.
  • The IntraLase process from start to finish takes approximately 30 seconds.
  • The physician then lifts the flap to expose the prepared corneal bed for treatment by the excimer laser treatment (the second step of LASIK).
  • The LASIK procedure is completed when the flap is securely repositioned thanks to its beveled edge.

Dr. Holzman has performed thousands of IntraLase initiated procedures.

"This really has taken Laser Vision Correction to the next level," says Dr. Holzman.

"With its increased safety and ability to customize every portion of the procedure, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes with greatly reduced risk!!"

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