First and Only Vision Technology for Presbyopic Baby Boomers Now Available in D.C. Area

  • Dr. Andrew Holzman of Millennium Laser Eye Centers Among First to Offer NearVision CK -Sole Procedure for Millions Who Want Freedom from Reading Glasses
  • America's Most Prevalent Eye Condition: 90 Million Have or Will Develop Presbyopia

WHAT: On March 16, 2004, the FDA approved the first and only vision technology that improves near vision in the millions of presbyopic baby boomers. Presbyopia (Greek for "aging eye") is the most prevalent eye condition in America, affecting most people by the age of 40 and everyone by age 51. LASIK isn't approved for it; neither are IOLs (intraocular lenses).

  • NearVisionSM CK® (Conductive Keratoplasty®), performed using the ViewPoint™ CK System, is the first vision procedure specifically for baby boomers who are tired of the hassle and age-stigma of reading glasses.
  • Dr. Holzman of Millennium Laser Eye Centers is among the first ophthalmologists in the Washington Metropolitan Area to offer NearVision CK.
  • Symptoms of presbyopia include difficulty with all forms of near vision, such as reading, ordering from a menu, checking a price tag, dialing a cell phone, or even doing hobby work. People affected by presbyopia often own multiple pairs of reading glasses (called "granny glasses," "readers" or "half eyes") and must rely on them for even the most mundane of daily tasks, like checking their watch.

Why is this news?

  • CK has become the fastest-growing new refractive procedure since the introduction of LASIK according to research firm Market Scope combined with sales data on file at Refractec.
  • Minimally invasive and painless, NearVision CK is performed in less than three minutes in the doctor's office with only eye-drop anesthesia. There is no cutting and no removal of tissue.
  • The procedure is extremely safe. NearVision CK uses radio waves, instead of a laser or scalpel, to change the shape of the cornea and bring near vision back into focus.
  • You're a candidate for NearVision CK if you're 1) over age 40; 2) had great vision your whole life; and 3) rely on reading glasses to compensate for the loss of near vision.

How NearVision CK® Works

NearVision CK is performed using a probe thinner than a strand of hair that releases radiofrequency energy. Applied to the cornea in a circular pattern, the radio waves shrink small areas of collagen to create a constrictive band (like tightening a belt), increasing the curvature of the cornea to improve near vision.

CLINICAL TRIAL DATA *Collected at the 12-month follow-up data point

  • 98 percent of patients could see J5 (magazine- and newspaper-size print) in the eye that was treated*
  • 87 percent of patients could see 20/20 in the distance and also read J3 or phonebook-sized print (significantly smaller than news print) when using both eyes*
  • NO reported serious, sight-threatening or unanticipated safety events*

Media Resources

  • Film or Observe A NearVision CK Procedure: Obtain exclusive B-roll and doctor/patient interviews in your local market.
  • High-Resolution Digital Artwork: Available on request.

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