I would recommend TLC Tysons to anyone looking to do Lasik surgery. The staff was very professional from the consultation to the surgery. The patient consultant, Tina, was very helpful explaining the pre-op and post-op drop schedule and answered any questions I had. She was quick to email back when I had a question. For the consultation visit, they did tests and scans to make sure I was a good candidate to do Lasik. I got good news that I was a good candidate! Tina helped me schedule my Lasik surgery appt. Also, she gave me forms to take home with me to review and sign. When I came in for my surgery, I did not wait long to be called. Once I got called back, I was put in a room to go over post-op instructions and was given a goody bag with eye drops, black sunglasses and eye shield to use to sleep. The assistant put 2 different eye drops, I was given Xanax to help with anxiety and then I waited for Dr. Holzman to come in to talk to me. He came in and talked to me briefly about the procedure and asked if I had any questions. I was a little nervous but he helped keep me calm and explained each step during the surgery. It was a quick procedure and it was better than I thought it would be. I was given drops in case I had discomfort after the procedure, which I ended up using when I got home because I had a lot of discomfort on one eye. I went to sleep for 3 hours as instructed and woke up feeling better. Dr. Holzman texted me later at night to make sure I was feeling better. It’s been 2 weeks since I had the surgery and so far I’ve been able to see much better and clear. I’m glad my eye doctor referred me to TLC Tysons I would recommend to anyone.