Cannot believe that anyone could have anything bad to say about this laser eye practice! I have been waiting a few months to write this as I wanted to see my ultimate results and now is perfect time.
I spent a few years researching who was the best in the DMV and Holzman/TLC was what everyone and everything told me. He has like over a hundred 5 star reviews online. I asked several eye doctors and I also knew like 5 or 6 people that had gone thru a procedure with Holzman – office workers and friends.. so I was sold. Nobody had a bad word to say at all and everyone was happy. If you really look at his reviews his are consistently the best.
I had my surgery 3 months ago and everything I had heard was true. The staff there is awesome and caring and helpful. Dr Holzman was a super nice guy, explained everything with a great degree of confidence which was really reassuring. He also coached me thru the procedure and even played great music (with my music station choice) during the surgery! It was so much easier than I thought it would be. The whole process couldn’t be easier. Dr Holzman definitely cares about his patient and his craft. he texted with me that evening and followed up the next week. My vision is insanely good. It is better than 20/’20 and have never seen better in my life with contacts or glasses!
I will have to say that this was easily the best decision of my life other than marrying my awesome wife! The experience was first class the whole way. Great job and keep it up!!
Kevin K.