I’ve compared many LASIK offices prior to my surgery as part of my investigation. TLC is apparently too expensive? They’re your EYES; you only get one pair and they deserve the best. Dr. Holzman took amazing care of me. You tend to focus on the stories of botched surgeries and become fearful but Dr. Holzman will wash your fears away with his confidence.

He is a conservative doctor and will only take you as a patient if you are a good candidate. This means that even if you’re not a candidate here, you could be somewhere else. There are other doctors outside TLC who will perform even if the outcome is not 100% favorable for the patient. If TLC approves you, you are sure to be in good hands!

The Tysons location is polished and beautiful. The staff is attentive and accommodating. The office works to create a serene mood to calm you.

The procedure itself was very brief. Dr. Holzman gave me a teddy to squeeze and turned on some music. Machines forced my eyes to stay open as he operated. Basically, it looked like a blurry light show before my vision went dark (normal). There was no pain, only a hard pressure. The entire process took maybe 15 minutes before I was sent home.

You take a two hour nap and when you wake up your vision will be crystal clear. I went out to dinner the same day! Dr. Holzman even personally checked up on me 2 days later! Amazing experience.