Dr. Holzman is a rockstar. He’s previously done my dad and older sister’s eyes as well. I recently got Lasik at the age of 23, which at first made me really nervous since I’m still pretty young and had a -7.00 prescription… As soon as I went in for my consult and met Dr. Holzman and his team, any reservations I may have had immediately disappeared. You can tell how much care they put into their patients before the surgery to ensure that you are a perfect candidate for Lasik before moving forward. Just be being in the office you can tell how incredibly professional and knowledgeable everyone at TLC is. Dr. Holzman is an incredible doctor, so confident while still being completely transparent. I would’ve never gotten this surgery done by anyone else. I am convinced my surgery went so well solely because I was under Dr. Holzman’s care, his experience and technique is what changed my life! The way I shared my experience to my friends and family has led two of my friends to already go schedule their consults with Dr. Holzman. Stop reading these reviews and just call TLC and make your appointment, you will NOT regret it!!!!!!