Here it goes..11 years later and my eyes are still 20/20. I used to have really poor vision and used contacts and glasses all the time. I am so happy I researched and found this facility. I went to to the initial consultation and they were very friendly and thoroughly checked to make sure I qualified for Lasik. My husband went along with me and they showed him how poor my vision was and he was amazed and said get done as soon as possible. The day of the surgery they gave me a pill to keep calm and some drops in my eyes. It was a very easy and only remember it taking no more than 10 minutes. The craziest part was that I was able to see 20/20 vision instantly once I got out of the chair. Amazing!!!! If anyone in management is reading this, I apologize for not giving my review sooner. Everything with my eyes are awesome, I almost forgot that I had my eyes done 🙂