I was checking out all Lasik providers and TLC lived up to all the positive reviews and recommendations from friends that had gone there before me. Such an amazing group of doctors and staff.

I went to see another provider the same morning I met with TLC and they were ready to put me under the laser that Saturday morning which was only 3 days after my first appointment.

TLC took the time to explain every step of the process. * Why it was important to do multiple pre-op exams after my contacts had been out for an extended period of time instead Of rushing me into the procedure. The eyes shift and reshape over that time so that delay is paramount. * What to expect the day of and the days, weeks and months following the procedure. Dr. Weigel was meticulous in the initial and post procedure exams and I even got multiple calls from Dr. Holtzman checking in to make sure all was well. Brittany and all the other staff in the front office were so warm and welcoming allowing me to look forward to each visit.

Each post-op exam since my procedure (done on August 21, 2019) has been amazing. They have answered all of my hypochondriac questions and essentially held my hand cause I am a big baby!

As of Day 6, it is remarkable how great it has been. My left eye had an extremely high astigmatism so it is lagging behind the right eye, which is crystal clear, but again, due to all of their pre-op knowledge transfer, I knew that the left eye would take more time allowing me to level set my expectations.

I have lots and lots of doctors and have through more than a dozen procedures and surgeries and this tops them all. If I had another pair of eyes I would be going back! Hope this review helps someone in their journey. Have a great day!