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NearVision SM CK®/Conductive Keratoplasty®

Approved by the FDA in 2002, NearVision SM CK ®/Conductive Keratoplasty is an exciting procedure that can help reduce dependence on reading glasses. This non-laser treatment for farsightedness and presbyopia uses radiofrequency energy to correct vision, and unlike laser-assisted techniques, NearVision SM CK ® does not require the removal of tissue. Instead, the radiofrequency energy causes the tissue of the cornea to shrink, resulting in a steeper shape.

NearVision SM CK ® is intended for appropriate candidates over the age of 40 with good distance vision. For the majority of our patients, treatment is only necessary in one eye to improve near vision due to a phenomenon called monovision. Monovision occurs when one eye is dominant for far vision and the other is dominant for near vision.   Dr. Holzman was the first physician in the DC area to perform CK and served as a regional training instructor for the procedure. He continues to be THE surgeon to go to for this exciting procedure in the DC area, as he clearly has the most experience with this technique and has performed more CK than any other provider.

Risks and Benefits

CK diagramBecause this is a safe, minimally invasive procedure, NearVision SM CK ® patients typically experience very few side effects and enjoy a short recovery time. Some patients return to work and most normal activities as soon as the day after the procedure, and their vision continues to improve over the following few weeks. Ninety-eight percent of NearVision SM CK ® patients achieve a level of visual acuity that allows them to read newspaper-size print without reading glasses.

Conductive Keratoplasty stepsThere are few risks associated with NearVision SM CK ®. Less than one percent of patients experience complications like corneal scratches or infection. Other side effects such as glares, blurred vision, and tearing are considered temporary and usually subside within three months.

On Procedure Day

CK patient during operationAfter arriving at your scheduled time, you will be prepared for surgery. The area around your eyes will be cleaned and anesthetic eye drops will be used to numb your eyes; no injections or needles will be used. When your eye is completely numb, a pen-shaped instrument with a cool, thin tip will be used to apply radiofrequency energy in a circular pattern. Conductive Keratoplasty/CK itself is completely painless.

After the Procedure

CK image on monitorDuring the first 24 to 48 hours after your procedure, you may experience tearing and some mild discomfort. You will be given medication to minimize these side effects. It is also important that you avoid using eye makeup or getting water in your eyes for at least four days. For two weeks, you should avoid rubbing your eyes.

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