See More Clearly at a Range of Distances with Monovision

a couple on a boatPatients in their 40s often begin experiencing presbyopia, a weakening of the crystalline lens, which can make it more difficult to focus and refocus at various distances. LASIK surgery can still benefit patients over 40, but it must be performed in a special way to account for presbyopia. LASIK monovision is a variation on this popular procedure that helps mature patients retain the ability to focus at a range of distances. If you are considering LASIK after 40, contact our practice serving Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland to learn more about how Dr. Andrew Holzman can help you reduce or eliminate your need for prescription eye wear.

About Presbyopia

Between the ages of 40 and 45, we all begin to experience presbyopia to varying degrees. Presbyopia causes the lens of the eye to weaken, making it more difficult to alternate focus from far away to close up. Close-up vision is increasingly affected until reading glasses are required. In most cases, the condition continues to worsen with age, and eventually intermediate-range correction may be needed as well.

LASIK after 40

Patients in their 20s and 30s can enjoy complete vision correction with traditional LASIK surgery. After age 40, this treatment can address distance vision, but will not eliminate the need for reading glasses. For patients 40 and older who would like to avoid wearing glasses, Dr. Holzman offers laser vision correction with a monovision adjustment.

To administer LASIK monovision, the dominant eye is treated for a full distance vision correction, while the other eye receives a slight under correction that is optimal for reading. Every patient has a dominant eye that is favored for distance vision, usually on the same side as the dominant hand. Because the dominant eye is the one the brain relies on for visual information, your brain easily makes the adjustment when the non-dominant eye takes the role of ‘reader.’ 

"Many of our patients are in their 40s and 50s."

It is a common misconception that patients over 40 are over the LASIK age limit. These patients can undergo LASIK and achieve vast improvement of nearsightedness but may still need to rely on reading glasses. Dr. Holzman frequently helps patients over the age of 40, even into their 60's.

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Experiencing Monovision

Some patients fear that it may be difficult to adjust to monovision, but most find that this is not the case. Dr. Holzman always suggests patients use contact lenses to try monovision before having LASIK surgery. Wearing these contacts day and night for a period of a few days allows you to determine whether the monovision adjustment is for you.

Patients who choose monovision enjoy a full range of vision without depending on glasses, and for many, this is an optimal solution. However, not everyone is a candidate for this treatment. Dr. Holzman always explains that monovision patients must be willing to compromise a small amount of visual acuity for distance, since they will be using one eye instead of two.  

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If you are interested in exploring LASIK monovision to enhance your vision, schedule an appointment with Dr. Holzman today. Dr. Holzman also offers a non-laser option for treating presbyopia: conductive keratoplaty (CK). Modern ophthalmology is making it possible for patients of all ages with a range of needs to experience clear vision. Trust your vision to the surgeon other ophthalmologists trust!

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