Preventing Dry Eyes after LASIK

A man applying eyedropsMore and more patients are choosing to undergo LASIK eye surgery, which can reduce or eliminate dependence on corrective lenses. Although the vast majority of patients achieve optimal results, there are still some potential side effects, such as suffering from dry eyes after LASIK. At TLC Laser Centers in the Washington, DC-area, Dr. Andrew Holzman carefully screens all LASIK candidates to help prevent complications after surgery and ensure the safest-possible experience. To schedule a free consultation and assessment, contact TLC Laser Centers today.

Understanding LASIK and Dry Eyes

LASIK surgery utilizes a high-powered laser to reshape the cornea, altering the way that light is focused on the retina. LASIK surgery can be used to effectively correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. After undergoing this single brief procedure, patients can achieve clear vision and reduce or completely eliminate their dependence on prescription glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK surgery has been safely performed on millions of patients, however, one potential side effect is dry eyes. This condition occurs when the eyes do not receive sufficient lubrication. Most patients will experience some degree of dryness immediately following their LASIK procedure, but symptoms typically dissipate as time passes. Since dry eye is also commonly seen in patients prior to LASIK surgery, often because of contact lens use, Dr. Holzman will review your medical history to determine if you are at-risk for this condition.

Treating Dry Eyes

At TLC Laser Center, all LASIK candidates are given a comprehensive pre-operative examination. Depending upon the health of your eyes and the degree of visual impairment you are experiencing, you may not be an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery. In that case, Dr. Holzman may recommend another form of treatment, such as photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) or NearVision SM CK®/Conductive Keratoplasty®.

If we find that you have any pre-existing dry eye symptoms, we can provide you with treatment before undergoing LASIK surgery. After LASIK, Dr. Holzman will provide medicated eye drops to help relieve initial dry eye symptoms and promote proper healing. Although rare, dry eyes symptoms can sometimes persist. In these cases, we can provide additional treatments, including tear supplementation, punctal occlusion, and anti-inflammatory therapies.

Why Choose TLC Laser Centers?

Dr. Holzman is widely acknowledged as an expert on laser vision correction, and he is a surgeon that other eye doctors trust. He has performed more than 70,000 refractive surgeries, consistently achieving optimal results. Under Dr. Holzman's direction, our practice has upgraded to the most advanced technologies to prioritize patient comfort and safety. In addition to traditional LASIK surgery, we also perform blade-free LASIK using Intralase® technology, which is among the safest and most precise techniques available.

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With LASIK surgery at TLC Laser Centers, crystal clear vision is now within reach. By selecting Dr. Holzman to perform your LASIK procedure, you can vastly reduce the chances of post-operative complications like dry eyes. Schedule a free consultation at our Washington, DC, McLean, Rockville, Charlottesville, or Gainesville office today to put your eyesight in the best-possible hands.

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