What a dedicated team we have at TLC Tysons Corner. Recently, we had a challenging case. As it turns out, this patient worked most effectively with one particular member of our technical team, Jen Phung. When the patient returned for further work-up, Jen was not scheduled to be at the office, but she came in just to help this patient! No one requested her to do this. She just felt that it would be best for the patient. Great job, Jen!

The other GREAT part of that day is that she brought her little baby girl, Kaitlyn, with her. Kaitlyn is so cute … and so warm! We got a long well until she started rubbing her eyes. Of course, you know that Dr. Holzman is very anti-eye rubbing given its ability to distort Pentacams and its association with keratoconus. As soon as I jokingly told Kaitlyn to stop rubbing her eyes, she burst out in tears. Mom quickly came to the rescue!

Before going home, baby Kaitlyn stopped by Dr. Holzman’s office to see if she could become the newest TLC Tysons Corner team member. Unfortunately, federal child labor laws prevented us from officially welcoming Kaitlyn aboard, but she’s always welcome to visit us anytime! – jw