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In this LASIK surgery review, Jules discusses Dr. Holzman's expertise and bedside manner. Jules was becoming very frustrated with corrective eyewear, and chose Dr. Holzman as her LASIK surgeon. She says she had a comfortable laser eye surgery experience and would recommend Dr. Holzman to others.

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Hi, I'm Jules Tarrant from Woodbridge, Virginia. My glasses story starts in the fourth grade. I was pinching my eyeballs to see the board in class, and my teacher called home, said that I needed to go to the eye doctor. My vision, at that time, was 20/250, uncorrected. So that's when it all started, fourth grade glasses forever. But I was an active kid, always playing soccer. I was in track, running, doing hurdles, shot put, football. It was awful. I had prescription sunglasses for whenever I'd be out in the sun. I always had sunglasses hanging around my neck and glasses up my face. In the ninth grade I got contacts. And if you didn't get all the cleaner off, and you stuck it back in your eye, it was burning, your eyes were red. Looked like you had an eye infection. Your vision was blurry. It was awful. It did that for years. It got better over time, but as contacts got better, they got more expensive. So by the time I was totally fed up, I was paying two dollars per day for my contacts. And it, you know, $700 or $800 per year, just to see. In 2013, I had gotten . . . I do a lot of construction things, and I had gotten sawdust in my eye, and it got behind my contact, and my eyes got flared up. Angry, angry red eyes. Couldn't wear contacts. Went to my eye doctor. She suggested maybe when these eyes heal, that I might look into LASIK. I had always wanted LASIK surgery to get rid of the glasses and the contacts and, you know. My sister-in-law had a Groupon. Maybe I could get 250 per eye. I'm, like, "These are my eyes. I've been waiting to do this my whole life. I don't want your Groupon. No offense, but I don't want that factory farm feeling of getting my eyes fixed." So what I wanted was the best, and that's how I chose Dr. Holzman and TLC. After my eyes had healed, and four years later . . . I made the appointment that day. I got in that week. I knew exactly what was going to be going on, and I had total faith in TLC to make sure that I was taken care of, as well as that my eyes were taken care of. And I was comfortable throughout the whole process. So on the day of the surgery, I'm laying on the bed, and they hand me a "Finding Nemo" character to hold, which is very comforting. I'm 43 years old and holding a "Finding Nemo" fish, and that made me relaxed quite a bit. And Dr. Holzman tells you exactly what you're seeing when it's happening. So he's there walking you, talking you through the surgery, and you know exactly what's going on, and then, all of a sudden, you know, within 10 minutes, you're done. And all those days of bad contacts, and eye infections, and glasses, and glasses changes, and all of those things, broken glasses, rubber bands on the glasses, it's done. And here I am now with my 20/15 vision and no contacts, no glasses. And if anybody out there is looking to have their LASIK surgery done, I totally recommend Dr. Holzman for their surgery. He's a fantastic human being with a great bedside manner, and, you know, he's the best. Look at it, it's perfect. It's great.

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Dr. Holzman is the best - very honest, very professional yet very friendly and personable. Ben E.

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