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Real patients and real comments:

Week of July 9, 2018

I am doing wonderfully!  Everything is going just fine.  My experience with your tremendous team was nothing less than extraordinary! LR

 I’m doing great. Saw 20/15 easily this morning at my follow-up.

I just went to my one-week check-up with my eye doctor last Friday, and he mentioned that my vision is already 20/20. The halos have improved tremendously since surgery, and overall, I'm feeling great. My eyes sometimes still get dry, but the artificial tears help a lot.  Thank you for creating a comfortable and calming environment. I was extremely anxious going in, but you and your team made the entire process so much easier. And thank you for making my eyes work properly, the way they should have all along.  JB

 Dr Holzman I just wanted to thank you a million times over. I'm healing up really well and I'm starting to see so much better. Real life changer.  Thanks again and keep up the good work! GH 

Hi Dr Holzman! It's officially one week since my PRK and I just wanted to say thank you! Day 3 was pretty hard but luckily you prepared me for all of it. The BCLs came out Tuesday. I know my vision today is only a fraction of what's to come. My mind is sufficiently blown and I can't stop singing your praises.   Thanks again for everything! ARH 

 Dr. Holzman I golfed Westfields out in Clifton this past weekend and with my new eyes, it was unreal!  My confidence in you and your staff came from your track record and how relaxed you made the whole process. I truly thank you for making an uncomfortable situation enduring. I’ve already told people wearing glasses to consider going to you. Let me know if you ever need a golf partner! SC

I am LOVING my new eyes. From seeing the little things in nature to everyday important stuff like street signs, labels... super clear vision! I have been good at using the Refresh drops. The drops are everywhere, every purse, nightstand... beach bag.  All the best to you, F.

It has been a unbelievable week with my new vision and I am so thankful for your expertise, care, and compassion as well as the entire TLC Rockville team. Dr. S was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and patient and Mariah made the entire process so easy. I did quite a bit of research on Lasik, surgeons, laser systems, case studies etc and everything pointed back to you and your team at TLC. I am thrilled I flew back home to see you!

I had my post-op 1 week appointment at TLC Nashville and I am at 20/20 (almost 20/15) and they said my eyes are healing well. I am ecstatic! I have never been able to see the world like this before! Thank you for everything and I will definitely try to make some post-op exams in Rockville when visiting my family in Frederick in the future!  Sincerely,  T. C.

Thank you Dr Holzman!! We are cruising the Mediterranean...just stopped in Sicily, and headed for Mykonos Greece. I have to say the best part of is being able to see all beautiful sights!! It is life changing and a dream come true for me!!!  I love seeing the world through my new eyes. Still continuing to use my drops on a regular basis, but everything feels good.  I picked the right dr. and I am so happy!!   Thank you for your good care and kindness to me. I am forever grateful!  S.

Everything is coming along great. It was such a quick recovery to see result immediately as well I was surprised. I'm enjoying this new lifestyle and look forward to the many years of not having to wear glasses or contacts.  E.P.

PRK night 1 - Day one is going awesome, but I’m making sure to use the artificial tears regularly and prepare myself for when it’s not feeling so nice. I want you to know that everything about TLC, your staff and yourself made this entire process possible for me. I did not feel comfortable at any other facility when consulting but every step of the way at TLC made me calm and excited to have this done.  MH

Thank you...i feel tons better after my 3 hour nap.  The feeling of being able to see without glasses or contacts is AMAZING! Thank you again!  MM

The LASIK procedure was short and easy, and I had better than perfect vision the very next day. The technology has really come a long way. Dr. Holzman is great and so are the other doctors and staff. Very impressed with their knowledge, caring and professionalism. Thank you very much for taking care of my eyes. DL

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Dr. Holzman is the best - very honest, very professional yet very friendly and personable. Ben E.

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