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Read What Our Patients Are Saying About Us This Week

Real patients and real comments:

Week of November 5, 2018

I'm so happy I did the procedure. Sometimes when I walk outside and look at the leaves in the trees, I am so overwhelmed by how clear and crisp they are - I know it sounds cheesy, but this really changed my whole life, so thank you.

Week of October 24, 2018

You and everyone I worked with at TLC Rockville have been great throughout the entire process. All of you made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to trust my eyes and vision to you. I will definitely relay my experience to the review sites you suggested so that others can read my story.

My eyes aren't as dry anymore as they were with contacts. I wish that I could've got it done a couple years sooner. And, surprisingly, I feel more natural now. Thanks a lot!

Week of October 14, 2018

Dr. Holzman. Thank you so much for everything! You and your office were absolutely incredible!!! 

Dr. Holzman! I am very happy with how things are going and am impressed at how well I’m already seeing!

Week of October 2, 2018

Thank you sir everything went great and feels good! Thank you for your great work and I’ll be sure to refer people to you!

I'm amazed at how clear my vision is now so I am looking forward to the next few weeks and months as it gets even better!  Thank you for the procedure it will greatly improve my quality of life.

Hi Dr. Holzmagic!

I feel so good, absolutely no side effects, i just can’t believe how well i see!

Thanks a million for your work and your kindness!

Week of September 19, 2018

Thank you for everything, I would absolutely recommend the TLC to anyone interested in the future...I already have actually! I would love to come in for one of my follow ups in the future too. This was such an easy and stress free process, so I thank you!

Dr. Holzman! So nice that you reach out to all your patients. I am 110% satisfied with how my eyes are doing and feeling this past week. The halos are significantly better then the first few days and my workouts are much easier! 

I couldn't be happier with the results thus far and can't wait to try playing soccer with my own eyes later this fall. I'll be sure to leave a positive review out on the web for everyone else to see, but to you personally, thank you SO much. I feel reborn. 

Week of September 4, 2018

Everything is PERFECT! I did my reviews right away - all 5 star of course. I'm so glad I made this decision and I'm so glad it was you who performed the procedure.  Thank you again. Tell Wade I said hi!

I can't thank you enough for the eye procedure! I had my 1 week follow up with Dr. Choe last week and was seeing 20/15 in both eyes!  I haven't made it out to play yet but I feel that I'll be able to read breaks a lot better!

Thank you so much!!! I absolutely love being able to see when I wake up in the morning and not having to fumble around feeling for my glasses.  Again, thank you so much for helping me get my eyesight back! This is wonderful!!!

Week of August 22, 2018

Can’t believe I can see. First time in 35 years I don’t need a corrected lens. May you live to be a thousand years old.

I am doing great! I am seeing perfectly, no pain, and no dryness. I am still using my drops as directed for a month after and then the Systane about every 3-4 hours each day. Thanks so much this was for sure my best investment!

Hi Dr. Holzman, thanks for checking in on me! I just had my checkup this morning at TLC and I’ve got 20/15 vision! Feeling great today. Thanks again for your text, I appreciate it. And thanks the great new eyes!

Week of August 12, 2018

Woke up this morning and eyes feel good. There is no pain, watering, or redness. I just got done with my day after check up with the eye doctor. He says everything looks good and clean. Just going to keep up with my drops. Thanks to you, I'm going to enjoy my new freedom from contacts and glasses.

Thanks Dr. Holzman, ever since the nap I’ve felt great.   Thanks again and by the way the music in the laser room was great!

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Dr. Holzman is the best - very honest, very professional yet very friendly and personable. Ben E.

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