So it’s the day after my LASIK procedure and I literally couldn’t wait to write this review. TLC performs all surgeries in Rockville or Tyson’s (so check those reviews for more information). Only “qualification” visits are done at the DC location. *All* surgeries in Tyson’s are performed by Dr. Holzman only, so even though TLC appears to be a chain, it’s a doctor-driven practice. Let me tell you, the man knows what he is doing. When I found out how many pro-athletes in the DC area he had done the procedure on, I figured it was good enough for me. 24 hours after having my eyes done, I’m sitting here with sharper vision than I’ve ever experienced, and my eyes aren’t even done adjusting yet. Dr. Holzman’s staff was incredible – everyone was so friendly and and knowledgeable I was more relaxed than I expected to be when it was time for surgery. Shout out to Dr. Jen for being hilarious and calming my nerves. My eyes have no bruising today, and the surgery was really comfortable, despite a few minutes of pressure. I appreciated the cool music tunes Dr. Holzman had playing while he performed it (all for the patient’s comfort), the blanket to keep me warm, and the stuffed Nemo I had to hug. Yes, I’m a 32 year old woman, but the stuffed Nemo was clutch. After the surgery, I even got a text with Dr. Holzman checking up and his direct number in case I had questions or concerns. I’m thrilled with my results the day-after and the experience I had. My insurance policy didn’t cover TLC, but I am so so so happy I paid with my HSA instead of going to the shady discount-center the insurance would cover. After all, it’s your vision we’re talking about – not the time to bargain shop. Stop hesitating, choose Dr. Holzman/TLC.