Contoura™ Vision: A Personalized Topography-guided LASIK

Contoura™ Vision: A Personalized Topography-guided LASIK

Contoura™ Vision: A Personalized Topography-guided LASIK

Advancements in LASIK technology are making the procedure safer and more precise than ever before.

Dr. Andrew E. Holzman can perform Contoura™ Vision to provide exceptional results and minimize the risk of side effects.

Why should you consider Contoura LASIK?

An Advanced

LASIK Treatment


Your treatment will address your refractive error based on your unique corneal topography.


Advanced technology takes exceptionally precise measurements to reshape the cornea and eliminate imperfections.

Reduced Side Effects

Due to increased precision, there is a lower risk of developing side effects such as light sensitivity, glare, and halos.

Breakthrough Contoura Vision

Contoura™ Vision – Topography-guided Laser Vision Correction is also extremely reliable. In clinical testing, this approach to treatment was effective for over 90 percent of patients.  

The procedure itself is a type of LASIK that reshapes the cornea to more favorably reflect light. The customization takes place in the preoperative planning process.

Contoura™ Vision combines corneal measurements with your eyeglass prescription to guide your procedure and provide your eyes with an improved focusing surface.

Clinical Studies on Contoura Vision

The personalized topography-guided LASIK procedure Contoura Vision has completely changed the way ophthalmologist define “quality of vision”, which is sharpness of vision combined with the presence of visual symptoms. Clinical studies have proven that, 12 months after surgery:

  • 30% of eyes achieved better, unhindered visual acuity, than with glasses or other visual aids prior to surgery
  • 92.6% of eyes achieved 20/20 vision or better
  • 64.8% achieved 20/16 vision or better
  • 34.4% achieved 20/12.5 or better

Additionally, it has been shown to deliver visual acuity better than glasses or contact lenses for nearly one-third of patients eyes in a clinical trial setting.

Can Contoura Vision correct my eyesight impairment?


Can Correct:


Close objects are clear but distant objects are blurry. This occurs when the eyeball is too long or the cornea is too curved.


Close objects appear blurry. This occurs when the eyeball is too short or the cornea is not curved enough.


Difficulty focusing at all distances is caused by irregularities in the cornea or crystalline lens, the tissue behind the cornea.

How do I know if Contoura is the right solution for me?

Candidacy for Contoura Vision

Dr. Holzman will run a series of eye scans to determine whether Contoura Vision or another type of technology or procedure is best suited to you. Factors that can affect your candidacy include:


Contoura patients must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Prescription Variability

Your eyewear prescription should be consistent for a year.

Level of Vision Impairment

You should have under eight diopters of myopia or hyperopia.

Severity of Astigmatism

Your level of astigmatism should not exceed three diopters.

Overall Health

Conditions such as dry eye, glaucoma, or diabetes can increase your risk of complications.

Realistic Expectations

Ensuring you understand the capabilities and limitations of this procedure is essential.

In addition to personalization, does Contoura Vision provide any other advantages over LASIK? 

Reduced Side Effects

Contoura Vision patients are typically at a lower risk of developing common LASIK side effects including glare, light sensitivity, difficulty driving at night, and difficulties reading. You can also expect to achieve a better overall quality of vision after topography-guided laser vision correction.

As a board-certified surgeon using the latest technology, Dr. Holzman is dedicated to providing his patients with the safest treatment options to provide life-changing results.

The advanced technology used for your Contoura Vision procedure sets it apart from other laser vision correction options…

Topography-Guided LASIK

Contoura Vision combines corneal measurements with your eyeglass prescription to guide your procedure and provide your eyes with an improved focusing surface. The diagnostic capabilities of Contoura Vision can identify the most minute imperfections in the corneal tissue. Dr. Holzman will evaluate information from the topographer, the manifest refraction, and the wavelight aberrometer to design a unique treatment plan for you.  When used in conjunction with our WaveLight® EX500 laser software, you can expect incredibly accurate laser vision correction results.