Other Technologies

Holzman Laser Vision has invested in a comprehensive range of advanced diagnostic and surgical tools to maximize the results of your laser eye surgery in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC and improve the overall quality of your vision. Dr. Holzman and his associates utilize only the safest and most innovative equipment to provide you with detailed pre-operative testing, customized surgical planning, and effective treatment with a superior outcome.

Diagnostic Tools

Corneal Topography

We utilize the Humphrey® ATLAS™ Eclipse Corneal Topography System to create a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea. It produces a detailed visual description of the shape and power of the cornea, allowing Dr. Holzman to diagnose, monitor, and treat various eye conditions. The corneal topography is used in conjunction with other tests to determine the amount of corneal tissue to be removed to and the ablation pattern to be used during your eye surgery.

Bausch & Lomb’s Orbscan™ II

The Orbscan™ II by Bausch & Lomb is a quick, painless diagnostic system that precisely measures the front surface of your eye, allowing Dr. Holzman to determine your candidacy for LASIK eye surgery. The Orbscan™ analyzes the shape and thickness of the cornea, identifies irregularities on the front and back surfaces of the eye, and creates a three-dimensional map of the eye’s contours, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and more consistent surgical results.

Oculus Pentacam

This device is a special type of topographer which measures the surface of your cornea and also gives us invaluable information concerning the elevation of the cornea. (Remember that it is the cornea which is being reshaped during the Laser Vision Correction process.) The PENTACAM is known as a “Scheimflug camera” and it allows us to obtain sharp images by calculating a 3-D model of the cornea. This then gives us very accurate thickness information on the entire cornea, and also gives us elevation data on the front and back surfaces of the cornea. Elevation data has been found to be the most important issue when looking at the overall structure and biomechanical strength of your cornea. ALL patients who visit for a consultation will undergo a PENTACAM test, as this is our gold standard for helping us to determine your candidacy. The PENTACAM uses a rotating imaging process. This is important as this process corrects for small eye movements that you may make during the test, and also gives you a very easy fixation target to look at during the exam. This test is FAST. You only have to look at the target for a few seconds, and the crisp images are obtained. Dr. Holzman and his staff are expert at using this technology, and it is a major piece of the examination to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK, PRK or nothing at all. If you have thin corneas, or mildly warped corneas, the PENTACAM will be able to image this, and give the staff at Holzman Laser Vision an accurate depiction of these issues.