Cutting-Edge Laser Technology

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ laser system uses wavefront-optimized technology to correct refractive errors, improve the quality of vision, and reduce problems with night vision. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ represents the newest generation in excimer lasers and is the first system in the United States to receive concurrent FDA approval for the treatment of both myopia and hyperopia. Additionally, the system utilizes active eye-tracking and PerfectPulse Technology™ to provide the fastest and most precise vision correction available today.

WaveLight® EX500

The WaveLight® EX500 is the newest addition to the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ technology suite, and the most advanced technology available for laser eye surgery. Holzman Laser Vision is proud to bring our patients the benefits of the WaveLight®, which is now the world’s fastest, most precise laser. The repetition rate for the EX500 increased to 500 Hz, reducing surgery time and resulting in quicker recovery times for patients. This laser increases precision for the surgeon, benefiting patients with increased visual acuity and fewer complications.

Active Eye-Tracking and PerfectPulse Technology™

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ has an advanced eye-tracking component that reliably measures the movement and location of the eye 200 times per second, maximizing the system’s speed, accuracy, control, and safety. PerfectPulse Technology™ works with the eye tracker to adjust energy levels in the laser pulse throughout the procedure, ensuring accurate placement of the laser at all times and significantly minimizing the risk of complications. The result is a larger optical zone and a smooth corneal surface that allows patients to enjoy an enhanced quality of vision.

Customized Laser Vision Correction

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ also offers a customized treatment, incorporating wavefront diagnostic principles to achieve the highest quality vision enhancement. Because every procedure is tailored to the patients’ unique corneal curvature and refractive errors, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ system represents an extremely conservative vision correction treatment that preserves as much corneal tissue as possible while attaining optimum results. In fact, the advanced technology allows the laser to automatically compensate for energy that can be lost in the periphery of the cornea due to the eye’s natural shape. This customized treatment approach makes it possible for patients at Holzman Laser Vision to enjoy enhanced daytime vision while reducing or eliminating night vision concerns. In fact, in numerous clinical studies conducted prior to the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ approval, results showed that:

  • 60 percent of nearsighted patients achieved 20/16 vision, which is significantly better than 20/20
  • At 12 months post-op, 87 percent of patients achieved 20/20 vision or better
  • More than 98 percent of all patients achieved 20/40 or better vision outcomes, which would enable them to pass a driver’s test in most states
  • Patients’ reports of glare and night-driving glare improved after the treatment
  • Less than five percent of patients required re-treatment to enhance results

Increased Treatment Range

Based on the impressive findings listed above and the results of various clinical studies conducted over several years, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ system was awarded the widest approval range ever initially granted by the FDA to a new laser, including authorization for the treatment of both nearsightedness and farsightedness with or without astigmatism. The system’s broad approval range represents a significant improvement over older lasers or less advanced vision correction systems and means that some patients outside the treatment zone of other lasers may be candidates for wavefront-optimized, custom treatment with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ system.

Improved Optical Zones

An optical zone refers to the portion of the cornea that is treated with the excimer laser. Larger optical zones are essential for achieving high-quality night vision and for treating patients with large pupils. Laser vision correction with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ produces the largest optical zone possible with today’s technology, further enhancing night vision, peripheral vision, contrast sensitivity, and overall results for the vast majority of patients. Additionally, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ utilizes an incredibly small laser beam which creates an optical zone with smooth edges and a natural shape for optimum vision in a number of conditions. Combined with the superior speed, precision, and customization of the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ system, the smooth, enlarged optical zones offer patients the best possible outcome from their vision correction procedure with reliable results both day and night.

To learn more about the advantages of the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ laser system, please contact Dr. Holzman today to schedule a consultation.