Is Laser Eye Surgery For You?

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) surgery is a popular method of vision correction in which a patient’s cornea is reshaped with the use of a laser. If you depend upon glasses or contacts, LASIK treatment can reduce or eliminate your need for corrective eye wear. Dr. Andrew E. Holzman is a LASIK surgeon with the experience and precision required to successfully perform this state-of-the-art treatment. Dr. Holzman identifies LASIK candidates in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland using the most sophisticated technology and techniques available today. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

A Conservative Approach to Providing Excellent Results

During the LASIK procedure, a precision laser is used to reshape the cornea. The cornea’s shape can cause patients to be nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism. LASIK surgery can correct these conditions, helping patients to see the world around them more clearly.

Dr. Holzman has personally performed more than 90,000 laser vision correction procedures. He has treated dozens of doctors, pilots, military personnel and other professionals who depend upon crisp, precise vision. Dr. Holzman is known for his conservative approach, taking every precaution to eliminate risks, and only performing LASIK on patients who are qualified candidates.

LASIK Candidacy

To determine if you are a candidate for LASIK treatment, Dr. Holzman performs diagnostic pre-operative testing, and evaluates your overall health. Certain conditions and may make patients unsuitable candidates for LASIK, including:

  • Autoimmune or immunodeficiency diseases
  • Especially thin corneas
  • Dry eye
  • Unstable or fluctuating vision
  • Anatomical issues, such as overly large pupils
  • Severe nearsightedness

In addition to these conditions, Dr. Holzman advises that pregnant and breastfeeding women wait to undergo LASIK, because pregnancy can cause natural fluctuations in vision. Participants in contact sports such as boxing or football are advised to abstain from these activities while their eyes heal following LASIK.

LASIK and Monovision

As patients age, presbyopia can becomes a factor in their candidacy for refractive surgery. Presbyopia is a common age-related condition that affects the ability to perceive close objects, often resulting in a need for reading glasses. LASIK has not traditionally been considered ideal for patients with presbyopia. Now, Dr. Holzman now offers LASIK to provide monovision, a presbyopia treatment, without using corrective eye wear.

During LASIK for monovision, Dr. Holzman corrects a patient’s dominant eye for 20/20 vision, so patients can see distant objects clearly. He slightly undercorrects the less dominant eye so it can more easily focus on closer objects. Before undergoing monovision treatment, Dr. Holzman recommends patients try this dual-vision experience using contact lenses. If this non-invasive trial period yields favorable results, you and Dr. Holzman can discuss moving ahead with LASIK treatment.

Patient Options

Patients who are not candidates for LASIK surgery may still benefit from other treatments such as PRK Surgery and corneal implants. To determine if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery or other sophisticated vision treatments, contact Holzman Laser Vision today. We look forward to helping you achieve improved vision.