Discover Customized, Bladeless LASIK

Due to their limited field of vision and the tedious maintenance required, eyeglasses and contacts can hold you back from enjoying your daily life. While traditional Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is a great option for eliminating reliance on corrective eyewear, bladeless LASIK is a safer, more accurate advancement of the same technology that is customized to the needs of each patient.

Dr. Andrew E. Holzman is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has performed over 90,000 corrective eye surgeries with outstanding results and widespread acclaim during his 25 years in practice. He was the first physician to perform bladeless LASIK over six years ago and has served as an educator throughout the region since its official implementation. With four office locations in Washington, D.C., and surrounding communities in Virginia and Maryland, we can provide this innovative treatment to a huge range of patients.

A Safer Approach

Dr. Andrew E. Holzman provides bladeless LASIK. This treatment is safer and involves a shorter recovery than the traditional method, which uses a blade. Dr. Holzman considers this a major step forward since he began performing LASIK 20 years ago.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Custom, bladeless LASIK took more than a decade of research and extensive input from medical experts to reach the level of safety and precision which it offers today. As the first laser vision correction procedure customized to your eyes from start to finish, the procedure is a great option for patients who want to ensure optimal outcomes. The procedure consists of three steps.

Measuring Your Eyes

Because no two eyes are the same, Dr. Holzman uses 3-D mapping technology to measure any aberrations in your visual system and lay the groundwork for customized surgery. During this fast and painless exam, the Wavefront WAVESCAN device directs light into the eye. The light bounces back to the machine, delivering a detailed, digital 3-D map of your eye. In contrast to traditional LASIK which relies on a patient’s prescription strength alone to plan surgery, these measurements are 25 times more precise.

Bladeless Creation of the Corneal Flap

During LASIK surgery, a surgeon traditionally creates a surgical flap using a handheld mechanical blade called a microkeratome. However, bladeless LASIK is a completely computerized alternative. Rather than creating the surgical flap manually, Dr. Holzman will deliver laser energy to the outer surface of the cornea to create the flap.

Due to its improved safety, accuracy, and efficiency, Dr. Holzman recommends bladeless LASIK for all patients considering laser vision correction.

Bladeless LASIK reduces the surgery from its traditional two-step process for a shorter surgery and recovery. While patients with thin corneas are usually not considered good candidates for LASIK surgery, bladeless LASIK makes the procedure much more accessible.

Dr. Holzman uses computer software to guide the laser to the precise location of your cornea. The laser will deliver tiny, powerful pulses to the cornea to create an incision and access the tissue underneath.

Reshaping the Cornea

After accessing the inner corneal tissue, Dr. Holzman will use an excimer laser to gently reshape the bed. Using the exact measurements from your 3-D mapping, he can correct your vision within seconds.

Mapping your eyes before the procedure is an essential step in the customization of your results.

Discover the Benefits of Bladeless

Although traditional LASIK already offers impressive results, the bladeless technique provides added benefits and features, including:

  • Safety: Although the complication rate from LASIK is minimal, the bladeless option allows surgeons to avoid some of the potential risks from using the microkeratome.
  • Accuracy: The laser is approximately 100 times more precise than a handheld blade. In fact, studies done by the Food and Drug Administration demonstrated that its accuracy was within 10 microns.
  • Customization: Since the computer-aided laser gives Dr. Holzman greater control during the procedure, he can customize the corneal flap to the unique needs of each patient.
  • Efficiency: Because the doctor can create a strong, micro-thin corneal flap without a blade, the entire surgery and recovery time is shortened. It also makes the procedure more comfortable for patients.
  • Improved Results: Studies have shown that this custom, bladeless technique results in a reduced incidence of halos and glares following surgery. Additionally, patients are also more satisfied with their night vision compared to when they wore glasses.

The results have been so impressive that government and military organizations have approved personnel to undergo the procedure.

Sharpen Your Vision without Blades

Due to its improved safety, accuracy, and efficiency, Dr. Holzman recommends bladeless LASIK for all patients considering laser vision correction. Dr. Holzman has helped public figures, professional athletes, and other doctors sharpen their vision and can help you achieve freedom from corrective eyewear for good. Every eye is different, and every surgery should be, too. In the event of re-treatment, our HLV Lifetime Commitment Program can help you receive treatment free of charge. To schedule a consultation, call our office at (855) 99-LASIK or schedule your free consultation online.