I recently had LASIK Eye surgery at the TLC in Tysons Corner, VA. I have been wearing glasses for 40 years or so. The people and staff at TLC Tysons Corner are very professional and very easy to work with. They took their time to make sure that I was going to get the vision I was looking for. The nurses were very understanding when getting my scans. They had to hold my eyelids open as I couldn’t hold them open long enough to get the scans. They check you multiple times to make sure they get everything right. Dr. Woo is the one who double checked my final prescriptions to get me what I wanted took her time and was very patient. On the day of the surgery, they check you again just to make sure they have everything right. Dr. Holzman who actually did the surgery is a very upbeat doctor and has vast experience at performing these surgeries. He is very good at putting your mind at ease. You are awake for the entire surgery so that he can talk to you. There is only some mild discomfort which is to be expected for the surgery. Dr. Holzman asks multiple times even though he is talking to you while performing the surgery if you are doing ok. For me it was the most comfortable stress free surgery I have ever had. Also since I worked with the doctor getting the best prescription with my eyes I was seeing 20/20 the following day. I love my new eyesight and highly recommend the doctors and staff at TLC Tysons Corner. Well worth the money and the experience was painless. I have already recommended them to friends of mine who are looking to get LASIK.