Dr. Holzman and his staff are consummate professionals. You can trust their capabilities if you choose to go with their office, which I highly encourage you to do! Their bedside-manner, process efficiency, and outstanding results make them the best Lasik Treatment Center.

The whole process requires 3 trips to their offices. Trip 1 – a free consultation where they take preliminary scans of your eye’s health and discuss potential options (i.e., Lasik or PRK). They determined I was candidate for Lasik, which has a shorter recovery time. Following, if you opt for surgery, you’ll need to visit with your optometrist and return for Trip 2 to finalize the specifications for your surgery through the same scans from Trip 1. The third and final trip is your surgery day. I was there for a total of 1.5 – 2 hours. However, surgery was less than 15 minutes. Dr. Holzman and his staff set-up a comfortable environment before, during, and after surgery. During surgery he will talk with you, so you know how much longer the process will take. The important part is to breathe and trust that you’re in the most capable hands.

While your mileage may vary, since I was 7 years old I was unable to see the logo on my shirt or shoes – I had poor vision and an awful astigmatism. After I sat up from the operating table, I could see the clock on the opposite wall and tell you the time! Not only can I tell that the surgery was successful by my vision, but my optometrist commented on how good my eyes looked, after the surgery. No more than 4 hours after surgery could I return my normal routine, albeit with more eye drops and slight halos. However, these are known side-effects following surgery.

Not needing corrective lens after over 20 years is a profound experience and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go to Dr. Holzman and his staff. Thank you so much!