A LASIK patient’s quote, “In Holzman I trust” inspired this blog.

A few weeks ago a patient came into our TLC Rockville, Maryland surgical suite all geared up and ready to go with his LASIK procedure.  He was nervous but excited.  After wearing glasses and contact for years he was ready to get rid of them.  Although he was nervous, as we began the LASIK procedure we started talking about what a good patient he was being.  He was cooperative and listened well to Dr. Holzman’s instructions well.  Dr. Holzman has seen every type of refractive surgery patient there is. There are those who are calm, sometimes too calm that they underestimate there role in the procedure, and others who he has to really give a good pep talk to get them to understand that they are making a simple safe and effective procedure dangerous by not focus and following his instructions during the procedure.

We do everything we can to educate you and prepare you for what is going to happen during your laser vision correction procedure, but sometimes the patients’s nerves and state of mind take over.  The thoughts of all the “what ifs” get the best of a patient.  Dr. Holzman often says that this surgical procedure really boils down to trust.  Trust in your surgeon and his skill.  Trust in the research that you have done.  Trust in the procedure itself.  We know that every patient is unique, and we strive to tailor our procedures and our operative atmosphere to the individual.  We will help guide you through the entire LASIK or PRK procedure.  Just take a breath, relax and TRUST.

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