“After 5 years of wrestling with the decision to do laser eye surgery, I booked an appointment with Dr. Holzman and was immediately put at ease. I elected to have PRK instead of Lasik since I didn’t want to have the flap and the staff at his office provided a ton of information and guidance. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery and I am now 20/20 with some improvement still to come!

The whole process was great. The staff at the office are just amazing especially Dr. Holzman, Maria (one of the techs), Alina (business) and Dr. Weigel. They were patient and funny…which totally put me at ease. I asked a ton of questions on both my consulting appointment day, the pre-op appointment and on surgery day. And they were so, so patient! Surgery day was great. Other than the wait time (which is on par for Dr’s offices) it went smoothly and the process was easy. I didn’t really have any pain and only very minor discomfort the day after the surgery.

Dr. Holzman personally called me the evening after my surgery and followed up with an email about two weeks later.

Seriously, great experience all around.”

Happy Patient is Alex Morrison.  Thank you Alex for being kind enough to allow others to read your experience with Dr. Holzman and his TLC Tyson’s Corner Team.  You were a pleasure to work with.

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