There are many advantages to using TLC for LASIK and PRK in northern virginia, DC and maryland.  We offer a TLC lifetime commitment, we have the best outcomes and the surgeons have the most collective experience in the entire region.  Our staffing is professional, experienced and personable, and the total experience the patient goes thru is 5 star and consistently rated by patients as exceptional.  From my perspective, LASIK has come a long way in the last decade, with the advent of bladeless, INTRALASE LASIK we create precise, thin flaps leaving the cornea more secure for the future decades.   This allows me great precision and accuracy while creating pristine flaps.

The combination of Intralase and CustomVue is called I-LASIK and myself and TLC have been doing I-LASIK in DC metro area longer than any other surgeon in our area.   I am also an experienced ALLEGRETTO Wavelight user and we use this laser also in combination with the INTRALASE.   It is very important for the patient to realize that i am able to fully optimize their vision better than other surgeons that only have one of these platforms.  The fact is that approximately 15-20% of patients will DO BETTER visually with one of these two platforms, depending on their own personal vision aberrations.  So, we do wavescan testing and determine which of the two laser platforms I am going to use.  This way I make sure to OPTIMIZE the vision of every patient to the fullest possible.  If the patient is at one of my competitors, they will always get only one of these two devices, and 15% of the time, it is likely that their visual aberrations would have been minimized better with another device.   AT TLC TYSONS Corner, we are concerned with your outcome and your experience.  We want to make it easy for you and keep you comfortable every step of the way.  Rest assured Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland LASIK patients, TLC has the best technology and Dr Holzman has the best outcomes for you!

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