today, we operated on many different people— they were from Ashburn, Alexandria, Springfield, Annandale, Arlington and Woodbridge, Va. We had a commercial airline pilot (American Airlines) come to see us from Pennsylvania. All these different folks had different reasons for wanting the surgery– the 22 year old that had such bad eyes that even “coke bottle” glasses couldn’t help her out. The 50 year old that hadn’t seen without glasses since she was 5, who had been researching the procedure for years, just waiting and waiting for the right time and right place. The 48 year old that had great vision all her life, until her 40s…. then her reading vision went bad, followed by her distance vision. The 47 year old pilot that flies 767″s from NY to Barcelona, who was afraid of LASIK for years due to his livelihood, then after doing research and finding the right center and surgeon, finally decided to have it done to correct his astigmatism. All of them with a common thread, they had a life changing procedure today — and I am lucky to be a part of that with them! with the amazing staff and our state of the art Custom LASIK and INTRALASE technology, we fixed their eyes today and tomorrow they will all be driving and working without glasses! Spoke with them tonite and they are all so happy already. It is a special thing to witness all of the emotion that people have when they realize that they can see right after the surgery! it is very cool and I am lucky to have this job. Special thanks to the staff at TLC Tysons. Dr Burr and our techs, Jen, Maria and Eleni. Our Counselors, Pam and Kristina, and our outstanding front office staff of Lyzzy and Tony make our place a special place to work and to have your eyes fixed! The technology we offer is the best available. It is not just the best in Fairfax or Loudon, Washington DC, or Montgomery county or even the Mid-Atlantic.. It really is the best in the world! Custom Vue VISX, Wavelight Allegretto, Intralase, iLASIK, PRK, CK for reading glass issues….. it is all very incredible stuff. If you are considering vision correction, now is a really good time to do it. Outcomes are better than ever, (better than 20/20 very often), and it is much safer than you can imagine. You need to be a good candidate though. We turn away a lot of patients as non-candidates.. You shouldn’t have vision correction if you aren’t a perfect candidate for it. We only want to operate on you if we KNOW you are going to do well! enjoy your new sight to all of our “alumni”!