We have many patients inquire about Conductive keratoplasty otherwise know as the CK procedure.  Conductive Keratoplasty is a type of non-laser vision correction procedure designed to correct mild cases of presbyopia.  CK helps people who are middle-aged and older to reduce their need for glasses when reading after they have become presbyopic.  In this article from it explains Conductive Keratoplasty in ways that are helpful to a patient who wants to know more about the CK procedure and how it work.  Dr.Holzman and TLC vision would be happy to see you for a complimentary conversation to see if the CK porcedure can help you.  Read below:

“Are You a Good Candidate for CK?

You may be a good candidate for NearVision CK if your eyewear prescription has been stable for at least one year and you:

  • Are over age 40.
  • Have had good distance vision your entire life but now need reading glasses.
  • Are willing to accept slight distance blur.

Is Vision Correction From Conductive Keratoplasty Permanent?

Even though CK effects are long-lasting, they are not permanent.  Also, effects of CK can be temporary because your eyes will continue to change as presbyopia worsens.  When you look at a reading glasses rack at the store, for example, you see +1.00 power readers for a 40-year-old, +2.00 power readers for a 50-year-old, +3.00 power readers for a 60-year-old and so on.

Even though you eventually will need reading glasses again after CK, you still may retain good intermediate vision, enabling you to see a computer screen and view a cell phone without glasses.  Great candidates for CK are those who want to delay the need for reading glasses.  And when reading glasses are needed, these candidates still might appreciate having functional vision in the intermediate range.”

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