Blurry or Hazy vision after LASIK

Almost all patients achieve good vision the day of their LASIK eye procedure. However, right after the procedure, it is completely normal for your vision to be blurry and/or hazy for a day or two.  We know that this may cause you to be concerned but you really do not need to worry. This is a normal part of the healing process and your vision will gradually clear.  Your vision will fluctuate but will be functional for the first few weeks.  You will be able to work and drive as well as use your computer.

You will be using a regimen of eye drops pre operatively and post operatively.  We also use eye drops during your LASIK procedure. So when you sit up after having your LASIK procedure there is extra water within your cornea. This will make you see as if you are looking behind water. In about 3 hours, the vision will be clearer.  We advise our patient to go home right away, put in your eye drops as instructed and then sleep for 3 hours.  When you wake up you will notice that your vision has significantly improved.

It is important that you understand that your eyes need time to heal after LASIK and there time is variable between patients. The speed of visual recovery ultimately depends on personal healing patterns. While your eyes are healing, it is normal for your vision to go back and forth between clear and blurry phases for several weeks. However, vision will continue to improve, and best possible vision can still take two to three months to occur, especially for patients with higher  prescriptions.  You need to follow your drop schedule diligently to reduce any risk of infection and to ensure proper healing.  You will also be seen for routine post op visits so that we can check your visual acuity and ensure that you are healing appropriately.

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