Dr. Andrew Holzman and his friends have donated to build a new school in Kenya to educate 1000 kids.  Visit the website: changeheroes.com.  Read Below from a represenative from Change Heros had to say:

“Dr. Holzman,

I was taking a look at what you and your friends have done, and I think you’re absolutely amazing!


I’ll be sending you and your team the village name and lots of other cool info by August 31st, and construction will begin shortly after. So stay tuned 🙂


For now, a HUGE congratulations to you and your friends. The school you funded is going to educate and change the lives of over 1,000 children!”


Dr. Holzman and 33 of his friends gave $3.33 (a latte) a day for 3 months.  That amount adds up to 10,000 dollars which is enough funding to build a school for 1,000 children in Kenya.


“Leaders don’t force people to follow, they invite them on a journey.”  by Charles S. Lauer.  This quote is listed on the Change Heros website as one of their inspirational quotes.   How true this is of Dr. Holzman.  Dr. Holzman changes lives daily by operating on patients and giving them the gift of better vision.  He also looks at the bigger picture and gives back to his local community and global community as you can see!  We do not make a habit of asking people to participate in any fundraisers that we are a part of however, if you or you friends want to participate in changing the lives of others, Visit the website: changeheroes.com and you will see the information there to get you started.

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