Hi Dr Holzman,

I am doing great!!!  Vision is clear as water. Now I am able to see the smallest details when I go outside. You all were great. I would highly recommend Laser to anyone who may be hesitating in getting this surgery.  I never would have thought that getting Laser eye surgery done was going to be painless.  Glad to be back to work and never ever have to wear glasses or contact lenses.  Now I can shoot better at the range 🙂


M. Collado

Washington DC Police Officer

Dr. Holzman performs surgery on area Police officers often.  It does not get him out of speeding tickets, but it does get him a nice letter from this patient! Dr. Andrew Holzman and all of the staff at TLC Tyson’s Corner and Charlottesville, VA as well as TLC Rockville, Maryland know how hard it is to take this leap of faith and trust someone with your vision correction.  We are proud to help our local Police, Fire, and Military on their quest for better vision.  Everyday in the procedure suite we talk to patients and try to reassure them that they are going to love their vision and being free of glasses and contacts…but as you can read above, Seeing is believing (Pun intended)! It is often hard to give someone else control of a situation, we promise we get it!  Much of it boils down to trust and confidence in your surgeon,his skill,his technology, and the skill of his team.  That is why you are encouraged to do your research on your procedure – control what is in your hands!  Make the best informed decision possible, trust your eyes only in the hands of a surgeon who will treat you as he would his own family member and as Dr. Holzman likes to say “embrace the experience”!

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