Dr. Holzman’s Top 5 Referring Affiliates for 2013

Congratulations to the Top 5 Referring Affiliates of 2013!

Our Top 5 TLC Tyson’s Corner Referring Affiliates are …

5.  Dr. Michael Khalil

4.  Dr. Ender Adam

3.  Dr. Stephen Hinkle

2.  Dr. Robert Allen

And drum roll please… someone who is always rockin’ the top of this list … none other than … Dr. Kate Whitescarver.

Thanks to these docs for actively discussing laser vision correction with their patients.  Laser vision correction co-management can be a really rewarding part of optometric practice, as these doctors know.  These patients are often the happiest in your practice.  So many smiles on Day 1 post op…

Dr. Jen Weigel, O.D.

Clinical Director

TLC Tysons Corner Virginia

TLC and Dr. Holzman have incredible confidence in the stability of the results achieved by patients who have laser vision correction at TLC Laser Eye Center with Dr. Andrew Holzman, and we stand behind those vision results. The TLC Lifetime Commitment® program helps patients who choose TLC maintain the best possible vision throughout their lives.  For the details of our Lifetime Committment check out this link:  http://www.tlcvision.com/the-tlc-eye-center-difference/tlc-laser-eye-lifetime-commitment or call our center at 703-936-6935.


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