Dr Andrew Holzman

Dry Eye Q&A with Dr. Holzman

Dr. Jen Weigel OD is our Tyson’s Corner, Virginia’s Clinical Director.  Dr. Weigel writes her own personal blog to reach out to eye care providers in the metropolitan VA, MD and DC area to make sure that we all provide you with the best pre and post operative care available.  This post is a question and answer blog that Dr. Weigel and Dr. Holzman put together for affiliate doctors regarding dry eye and why we recommend Refresh optive lubricating eye drops.

“With the recent change in protocol to using Refresh Optive Advanced, I asked Dr. Holzman a series of questions about dry eyes and refractive eye surgery.  I know dry eyes seems like such a played out topic, but you have to admit that it impacts a pretty large proportion of our patients!

What prompted you to consider this change in artificial tears?

Thank you to all of the Doctors who participated in our survey by voicing their own opinions.  We used all of this data in making our decision to move to Refresh Optive Advanced.

The lipid layer is largely ignored by many of the artificial tears on the market, and as you all know, this is the outer layer of the tear film.  With Optive Advanced, the lipid component is bolstered and fortified and helps to decrease evaporative dry eye. This type of dry eye is many times due to computer usage, air conditioning or heating vents, fans, or simply larger apertures.  I personally tried the new Refresh Optive Advanced and found it to be very comfortable and long lasting without causing significant blur.”

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