Question:   For someone that is very farsighted is LASIK the best option for vision correction?

For purposes of this discussion, we will consider both LASIK and PRK together as they are quite similar and both involve reshaping of the cornea with a laser.   In order to answer this properly, of course more info is needed such as how bad is the farsightedness and how old is the patient.    If the patient is very farsighted and also is over 55 or so, then most likely the best option is not laser vision correction but instead is lens-based surgeries such as cataract surgery (or known as clear lens extraction if no actual cataract is present).   As we age the lens weakens and also clouds, so fixing the farsightedness and the lens aging problem at the same time makes good sense.    With a lens implant, the patient will have the ability to see at both distance and near, as the newer implants today have bifocal style lenses.

If the patient is younger and not of cataract age, and the farsightedness is not severe, than we can get excellent outcomes with our Laser Vision Correction procedures.  It is amazing that we see 20/20 and better on some of the toughest looking prescriptions preop, but these excellent outcomes are now the norm.   I like using my Allegretto Wavelight laser for these type of prescriptions as it is a bit faster on the cornea and provides a nicer shape for these eyes post op.   It is a huge advantage of ours at TLC Laser Eye that we have access to many state of the art laser systems, not just one.   It allows me to tailor and customize each and every procedure to exactly what the patient needs for optimal vision outcomes.

Nearsighted patients and patients with astigmatism are also well served by our vision correction procedure.   Come in and visit us for a free consult! 


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