What causes glare and halos and why is it important for a patient to be evaluated before deciding to having LASIK? The answer is the potential for glare and halos is related to the amount of laser correction needed (the prescription strenghth of the eye).    Correlations between pupil size and the possibility of glare have actually been disproven many times over the last decade in many peer reviewed studies, including one by the Navy.   Dry eye is also a major reason that glare can exist post op and this is due to light rays scattering in the front of the eye on the dry surface, producing the bizarre images that the patient sees.   A Custom treatment is very important in order to provide a nice smooth transition zone in the treatment area of the cornea..  This will decrease the risk that you might have glare post operatively.

Post operative glare is usually found in patients  who need quite a bit of correction.  These patients are at highest risk for glare. The more correction you need means you will need more corneal tissue or thickness. That is why pre operative screening is critical.  We will measure both your corneal thickness and your pupil size preoperatively and discuss with you what your chance of having glare and halos post operatively will be.  It is so important that you be an informed patient.

Custom LASIK and the laser technology that Dr. Holzman uses allows us to minimize the risk of glare and halos tremendously.  The VISX Star and the Allegretto both allow for a larger treatment zone and track the eye movement as the treatment is in progress.  The blade-less approach that Dr. Holzman uses is much more precise than using a Moria or a Hansatome – which are both instruments that use a blade to create the corneal flap.  The Intralase laser, which is the laser that creates the corneal flap allows Dr. Holzman to determine the depth and the diameter for each patient’s corneal flap size individually.  Laser eye surgery is not a simply a “one size fits all” surgery!  Do your research and do not be afraid to ask what your risk is of developing glare and halos post operatively. This will be based on your prescription and your propensity for dry eye..

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