How do you choose the “BEST” Laser Eye Surgeon?

As a surgical assistant in a Refractive surgery office that performs PRK, LASIK, Corneal Cross Linking for Keratoconus patients, and the CK procedure for reading – I can give you a few pointers.  The “Best Refractive Surgeon” is based on some of the following:

  1. When you walk into your surgeon’s office – pay attention the team of people around him or her.  How are you treated when you come into the office from the start of your research on LASIK, PRK, CK or Corneal Cross-linking?
  2. How often does the surgeon perform your procedure.  Is it daily? Monthly?
  3. How many procedures has your  laser eye surgeon performed?
  4. What are his outcome statistics?
  5. What does your  laser eye surgeon specialize in and why is that important to know?
  6. Can you meet your surgeon before your laser eye surgery procedure?
  7. How much surgical skill is needed to perform refractive surgery?
  8. Would your doctor use his laser technology on his family members and friends?
  9. Ask your surgeon’s staff if they have had refractive surgery, would they trust their eyes to your surgeon?
  10. What are your risks if you decide to have the laser eye surgery procedure and how would your surgeon manage those risks?
  11.   Is your surgeon and his staff accessible to you to help you through your research and learning before and after you decide to put your sight into their hands?


At TLC Laser Eye Centers in Washington DC, Charlottesville, Gainesville and Tyson’s Corner VA, and in Rockville MD, Dr. Andrew Holzman, MD, FACS is the Medical Director and the surgeon that you can ask all of the above questions to.  Dr. Holzman will answer you honestly and directly.  Dr. Holzman and his staff work well together and we all try to go out of our way to help patients from the moment they call any of our office locations throughout the patient’s post procedure healing.  We encourage researching procedures, other surgeons, and other offices because we are all passionate about being able to change the quality of lives and vision for our patients!  We believe in what we do and I can tell you first hand that surgical skills matter tremendously.  The team of people you meet are the people who will help you and work with you pre and post procedure.  We are accessible to you and encourage your questions and concerns.  We are honored that you trust your eyes to us and we do our best to make sure that you know it!