How Long Do LASIK or PRK Results Last?

I am 23 years old and I want to have my vision corrected by having LASIK.  I am not sure what I am a candidate for so my question is if I have LASIK or PRK is it a one time procedure or will I have to have it again.  Is it better for me to wait until I am in my mid thirties?  Is LASIK or PRK a one time procedure?

This is a question that we are frequently asked.  The FDA has approved the LASIK and PRK procedure for patients who are 18 years old and older. This means that by the age 23 it is safe to proceed if your prescription is stable and has not changed dramatically over a year.  We usually treat patients that are 21 and older because the eye is no longer growing.   When the eye is still growing it does change it’s shape which causes your vision to change. As you age, your visual outcome from your LASIK or PRK procedure will remain and the main change that will occur around the age 40 or older will be that you will notice a decline in your reading ability.  This is called Presbyopia which is the natural aging process of the lens of the eye.

When Presbyopia sets in you will require the use of reading glasses or you can return to your doctor to see if you are able to have laser vision correction to correct for your Presbyopia.  LASIK and PRK results have proven over the last 20 plus years to be very stable.  There is a small percentage of patients that do regress slightly as a result of their bodies natural healing process.  If a significant amount of regression occurs then an enhancement procedure may be performed.  TLC has a Lifetime Commitment to your vision which covers the cost of your enhancement but you must maintain your post operative procedure appointments so that we can monitor your vision and your healing process.

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