How will I know if a LASIK or PRK Enhancement is needed?

How will you know if you need a LASIK or PRK enhancement?  This is a question that many patients would like to know prior to making the decision to have laser vision correction.  We do a complete dilated eye exam that gives us a good idea if you might need an touch up or an enhancement after your procedure but as with any surgery we cannot predict how your body will heal.  When evaluating your vision after LASIK or PRK, it’s important to be patient. Although you will be able to see much better without glasses the day of surgery, it’s not unusual for vision to fluctuate for several weeks especially if you have the PRK procedure. We will monitor your vision for several weeks as part of your follow-up care after LASIK or PRK to ensure that you are healing appropriately and achieving your best visual outcome.

Though we do not expect it, it is possible that some patients may feel uncomfortable driving or performing other visual tasks initially as they are healing. If this occurs, the doctor can prescribe eyeglasses for you to wear part-time while your vision is stabilizing.  If your vision continues to be noticeably blurred at three months post LASIK, it is possible that you may need an enhancement.

To determine whether you’re a good candidate for a LASIK or PRK enhancement, your eye doctor will evaluate your corneas using the same methods used prior to your first procedure.

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