How will I know if having Monovision LASIK or PRK is right for me?

Monovision is a specialized surgical technique which addresses the eyes natural aging process.  As we reach the 40 year age range, the lens in the eye has less ability to auto focus for us and as a result this makes our ability to focus up close and perform tasks at reading distance more difficult.  When considering having LASIK or PRK in the 40 year old age range it is important to discuss monovision.  We want you 20/Happy.  If you have LASIK or PRK to correct your distance vision completely, but then need to rely on reading glasses for daily tasks such as up close reading, you will likely be frustrated with your visual outcome if you did not truly understand the pros and cons to monovision and your LASIK or PRK procedure. With eyeglasses monovision is when one eye is fit with a distance lens and the other eye is fitted with a near lens, which provides clear vision for both distance vision and near.  Monovision with LASIK or PRK is exactly the same idea.  Dr. Holzman would treat one eye fully for distance and slightly under correct the other eye for near vision.  Monovision can provide the best of both worlds.   Most people adapt very well to monovision.  Some find the concept difficult to embrace.

“People who may have difficulty with monovision are those with balance issues or experience dizziness.  When one eye is more dominant for distance and the other eye more dominant for near it can impact stereo vision or depth perception but most people are able to adapt to it.  We use our depth perception to navigate steps, parallel park and when playing most sports activities.

Sometimes patients under age 40 will ask for monovision.  That’s usually not recommended because younger people are still able to focus up close and having one eye corrected for near will blur the far vision. If however someone is nearing presbyopia, Dr. Holzman may slightly under-correct both eyes for distance to give ease at near or do a modified monovision procedure.” Dr. Angeles TLC Rockville and DC

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