I have heard refractive surgery advertisements for LASIK and PRK can be deceptive.  How do I find a reputable surgical center and surgeon to perform my procedure?

There are many Laser vision Correction centers in the Washington, DC Metro area.  Radio and Print advertisements are everywhere saying that you can get your LASIK or PRK procedure from $299 per eye to $3000 person eye.  The Food and Drug Administration is addressing these issues and are regulating and coming down on disreputable advertising practices.  So how do you figure out where the best place is and who the best surgeon is to perform your surgery.  Laser vision correction is one of North America’s most frequently performed elective surgery procedures. But all laser vision correction providers are not created equal.  It is so important for patients to understand how to get the best possible results in the safest way, by a surgeon and team who will treat you as they would their own friends and family.

It is common knowledge that no surgery comes with a 100 percent guarantee because you are talking the human body healing process and everyone heals at their own rate.   If you go to a consult or to a surgeon that says otherwise then it is likely a good idea to move on to someone else.  Patient education is so very important.  From your first contact with us to the completion of your post operative care, Dr. Holzman and his team are committed to providing you the best possible experience and your best corrected visual outcome. We believe it is our responsibility to do so.

Dr. Andrew Holzman, is board certified Corneal specialist who is a leader in the field of laser vision correction and sees patients from his offices in Charlottesville and McLean, Virginia, and Rockville, Maryland. We have said this often, but when it comes to laser vision correction, there is no substitute for experience. Dr. Holzman believes in teaching patients as well as teaching residents and other ophthalmologists in the field of laser vision correction to master the surgical skill and to embrace the technology available to ensure that his patients get the very best visual outcome possible.

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