My Cornea thickness is 459 in the right eye and 457 in the left eye.  My prescription is -6.00 in both eyes.  I was told that LASIK is not an option to correct my vision.  Is PRK an option?

You would not be a candidate for LASIK. PRK is possibility.  ICL’s may also be viable option which is unaffected by corneal thickness. However, there are other risks with ICL as it is intra-ocular surgery.  When considering your options for vision correction you need to look at the many factors that you will be tested for to determine your candidacy.  Corneal thickness is only one factor. Your cornea’s are certainly on the thinner side.  The other factors that you need to consider include: topography (shape of the cornea) age, residual corneal thickness, pupil size, and the surgeon’s skill and available technology.

PRK patients can expect to achieve uncorrected visual acuity similar to LASIK patients. Although it typically takes longer to fully recover and achieve optimal results following PRK, this procedure remains the vision correction method of choice for patients with certain corneal conditions or corneal scars that prevent them from being suitable candidates for LASIK. As with all laser vision correction techniques, there is a very small risk of scarring or infection as a result of this procedure. Some patients also experience a glare or halo effect and light sensitivity after undergoing PRK. Dr. Holzman and TLC Laser Eye Centers use special protocols and medications specifically to minimize all of the risks.

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