April Fool’s Day!  Don’t be the fool when it comes to your eyes.

April Fools’ day is celebrated around the world.  Pranks are played and an April fools’ joke is revealed by the prankster shouting “April fool!” at the recipient, who then becomes an “April fool.”  When it comes to your eyes, please do not be an “April Fool” or any other fool for that matter.  Do your research!

We blog often about the importance of being an educated patient and knowing the facts when it comes to having refractive surgery.  Your eyes are so important.  You use your eyes everyday to process information, to see and experience life.  We often take our vision for granted.  It is a common practice for people to not miss something until they do not have it.  I have perfect vision and completely took that for granted until I took my then 8 year old daughter in for an eye exam to find out that her world was blurry at best most of the time.  My daughter Grace relies on her glasses all of the time.  Her vision is correctable but she cannot have LASIK or PRK until she is 21 years old due to her eyes growing and prescription stability.  I witness first hand how she struggles to swim without prescription swim goggles, or squints without prescription sunglasses and has to have prescription sports glasses or her world is a complete blur.  I have spent my career in helping others achieve better vision – but never REALLY got it until it hit close to home.  It is incredibly expensive to buy the multiple pair of prescription glasses.  It makes me sad when I sneak in and kiss my now 12 year old daughter goodnight and take her glasses off of her face because she fell asleep reading and she now has a crooked imprint of the frame on her nose and forehead.  How uncomfortable!

There are many refractive surgery centers and doctors who perform LASIK and PRK in our area.  You hear price quotes from $299 to $3000 per eye for LASIK and PRK.  Don’t let clever marketing or confusion and misinformation from LASIK ads and centers lead you into making a wrong choice.  Do the work, go to multiple centers, read about the surgeon – his or her credentials, the technology he or she uses.  How many LASIK or PRK procedures does he or she do a week?  Does your surgeon do blade free LASIK or use a blade?  I can promise you that I would make sure whomever I trust with my daughter’s eyes is completely qualified to manage any issue or complication that could arise and takes every preventative measure to allow Grace to achieve her best corrected vision. LASIK and PRK are excellent procedures and safe and effective – Life changing in the right hands!!!  When Grace is old enough to have LASIK or PRK – there will be no foolishness for sure! If my daughter could have the surgery today I would completely trust Dr. Holzman with her eyes.  I assist him in the surgical suite and watch him masterfully perform LASIK, PRK and CK procedures weekly.  His team in both offices are dedicated to ensuring that patient care is nothing short of excellent – and no I do not get paid extra to say any of this!  This is my experience with Dr. Holzman, refractive surgery and TLC Tyson’s Corner, Virginia and TLC Rockville, Maryland.  This is the “inside scoop” to help you make the best choice for your vision.

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