Laser eye surgery is amongst the safest of surgical treatments available. It is now one of the most popular form of elective procedures available.  In fact, you probably know someone who has been enjoying the benefits from this life-changing procedure. When you combine surgeon skill with the most advanced technology, laser eye surgery is incredibly safe. Intralase®, which uses a very fine laser instead of a blade reduces risks tremendously. This has been clinically proven throughout the world to be safer and more accurate, and to succeed in better treatment outcomes than blade-assisted treatment.   Dr. Holzman chooses the Visx Star or Allegretto Wavelight laser based on what will most safely and best correct your particular prescription.  Laser eye surgery is one of the safest of all vision correction treatments.  Ask any laser eye surgeon and they will tell you that all surgical procedures carry a risk of a complication occurring, and laser eye surgery is no different. What area of life is totally risk-free?  Just to put this in perspective for you, there is evidence to suggest that you stand a higher risk of suffering an infection from your contact lens wear than from laser eye surgery.  So, while the risk of encountering a complication with your treatment may not be zero, we do everything possible in order to keep any risk as small as possible.   Dr. Holzman has a focused set of professionals whose sole job it is to work on reducing that small risk still further.  We pride ourselves on educating patients to the fullest and we provide the best  quality of care to our patients from the moment they come into our centers throughout their post operative care.  You only have one set of eyes.  You should research both your surgeon, his center and the procedures.